Alive Pearl Jam Hören
All Along the Watchtower Bob Dylan Hören
Almost Famous Red Ordinary Hören
Big Man Red Ordinary Hören
Black Horse and the … KT Tunstall  
Blame it on the Boom … Black Stone Cherry  
Blaze of Glory Bon Jovi  
Blue Box Red Ordinary Hören
Brazen (Weak) Skunk Anansie  
Bring me some water Melissa Etheridge Hören
Dead or Alive Bon Jovi  
Don´t cry Guns & Roses  
Don´t forget Red Ordinary Hören
Eye of the Tiger Survivor  
Faith in my Moon Anouk  
Forgiven not Forgotten The Corrs  
Hard to Handle Black Crowes


Harder to breathe Maroon5  
Heartbreaker Pat Benatar  
Hedonism Skunk Anansie  
I wanna be ready Joan Orleans  
It wasn`t me Anouk  
I´ll be there for you Bon Jovi  
Last Exit to Eden Amanda Marshall  
Like the Way I do Melissa Etheridge  
Little Child Red Ordinary Hören
Little Wing Jimmy Hendrix  
Lokomotive Breath Jethro Thull Hören
Lost Anouk  
Lost in Space Red Ordinary Hören 
Lovin Whiskey Anouk Hören
Miss you Red Ordinary Hören 
Nobody´s wife Anouk  
Not a love song

Nothing else Matters

Red Ordinary


Oh yeah Chickenfoot Hören
On my own Red Ordinary Hören
One million dollar Red Ordinary Hören 
Open your eyes Guano Apes  

Purple Rain

Foo Fighters


Push Matchbox 20 Hören
Red Ordinary Blues Red Ordinary Hören
Remedy Black Crowes  
Rise up Alter Bridge  
Sacrifice Anouk  
Second Chance Red Ordinary  
September Day Red Ordinary Hören
Smells like teen spirit Nirvana  
Something going wrong Chickenfoot  
Someday Red Ordinary Hören
Sorry Red Ordinary  
Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin Hören
Sunny Bobby Hepp  
Sweet Child of mine Guns & Roses  
The Dark Anouk  
The Other Side of me Anouk  
The Thunder Rolls Garth Brooks  
Time is a jailor Anouk  
Tired of the Rain Black Stone Cherry  
Train 3 Doors Down  
Turn the page Metallica  
Under the bridge Red Hot Chili P.  
Watch over you Alter Bridge  
We have survived Red Ordinary Hören
Weak Skunk Anansie  
When a man loves a woman Percy Sledge  
Whole lotta Love Led Zeppelin  
Whole lotta Rosie AC/DC  
Wish you were here

Word up

Pink Floyd


Zombie The Cranberries  Hören